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Does your company buy event tickets to entertain clients and employees? Our Corporate Services help companies simplify their live event strategies while providing a full range of services designed to help your company save time and money. Get access to suites, group ticket packages, and so much more. Schedule a demo with an Entertainment Consultant today.


Priority access to sold out & premier events

Many of todays hottest events are sold out before they even go on sale or are tied to expensive season tickets that nobody wants to buy. Luckily for you, we have inside access to the worlds hottest events, making it easier for you to secure tickets to any event. 


suites, vip seating & hospitality packages

A luxury experience really does make all the difference. While most suites often never hit the open market, your Entertainment Consultant knows where to find them. Looking for VIP seating or a hospitality package to really 'wow' someone? Look no further. We know how to find the most premium tickets in every venue to help you create experiences that matter.



We know it's difficult to plan an outing for a large group, so we've made the ticket buying process a breeze. Simply give us an estimate of how many people you'd like to take to the event, and we'll provide multiple seating options at different price points for you to evaluate. All group pricing is customized to meet your needs and help you maximize ROI.


Dedicated Entertainment Consultant

As a Corporate Client you receive a dedicated Entertainment Consultant to take care of your every need. They can help you plan your next event, secure your tickets, and keep you organized. Spend your time on more important matters and let us take care of the rest. Your consultant is just a phone call, email, or text away.

See What Others Are Saying

Our company has been working with Seat Insiders for over 3 years now! Seat Insiders has worked with us to get the best seats at the best prices in big blocks as well as individual seats as needed. Couldn’t be happier with the service and advice provided when looking for solutions to our customer/employee appreciation events!
— Lane
We used Seat Insiders for a corporate event in January 2019. We wanted to take clients to a sold-out Bob Seger concert in Nashville and wanted to get a private suite. Was struggling to find one to accommodate the group of 10 people that I had. Seat insiders made the experience seamless by not only getting the tickets that I needed in a very timely manner and at a reasonable cost but also made getting the tickets easy. I would definitely recommend Seat insiders.
— Bryan

Our Competitive Advantage

Dynamic Pricing

Most venues, teams, and artists now dynamically price their tickets based on market demand. It can be hard to know what is a fair deal or when’s the right time to purchase with so many places to buy tickets. Our team knows the true market value of any ticket, period.


With any major ticketing website you will pay an average of 20% extra per ticket in service fees*, whether it be from the primary or secondary market websites. The ticket industry survives on fees, we don’t.

Market Trends

Event tickets operate in a very dynamic way especially when it comes to price. There are many factors that can cause ticket prices to increase or decrease and we have studied it all. Your Entertainment Consultant knows the best time to buy tickets to an event.


Pre-sales for tickets to todays hottest shows are stressful, time consuming, and result in unhappy fans. Pre-sales usually happen during business hours resulting in you and your employees being less productive and distracted. No more struggling with pre-sales.

Ticket Limits

Many teams, artists, and venues will only let you order a small quantity of tickets. Large or small, our team can get you as many tickets as you need for an event.


Managing delivery of your tickets for a large company event is no small task. Thats why we use industry leading technology to automate as much as possible. Our team manages every aspect of ticket delivery for all your orders.

True Market Value In Action

Buying and managing tickets for your company is challenging without the expertise of Seat Insiders. Every time you place an order through Seat Insiders it’s at the True Market Value. No matter what event you select, you get the best possible pricing on every single ticket. What does this mean for your company?

Your company wants to reward top employees and treat your best customers with a special night out to an NFL game in your city. You need 200 tickets in different zones all over the stadium. The last time you did a big company event you called the team directly because you didn’t have much time to invest into finding tickets. (Note: example pricing based off an actual client order in 2018.)

Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 10.36.11 am.png

By going with Seat Insiders instead of buying directly from the team, your company saved $19,500 for the same exact seats. That’s 40% lower!

Happiness Matters

When your clients & employees feel valued and appreciated they are more loyal and productive. Treating them with tickets to see a show or sporting event is a simple way to show your appreciation, and can net you some serious ROI. But purchasing the right tickets to the right event at the right price can be tricky. That's where we come in.


Treat Your clients

Your best clients and customers will know you mean business when you surprise them with tickets to see a hot show or their favorite team. Better yet, you can attend the event with your clients to build a stronger relationship. Sometimes we all just need to escape from the office and your clients are no different.


Reward Your employees

Traditional company perks are no longer enough. 78% of employees want a greater variety of benefits to choose from. In fact, employees who are very satisfied with their benefits are nearly four times more likely to be very satisfied with their jobs. Reward your employees with Seat Insiders.


Maximize ROI

Happy clients and satisfied employees will keep your company growing and reduce turnover costs. Employee’s who feel valued will be more loyal to your company helping improve company culture and reduce turnover costs. Client’s will be impressed when you take care of them with a special event, while you get to keep building your relationship with them.

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