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How to save time when planning your next company event

Always looking to understand better how companies are buying event tickets for their entertainment initiatives, I've spent years studying and learning from my clients and corporations. After speaking to over 100 different organizations of various sizes and industries, I've learned an incredible amount.

Despite the recent tax law changes, many companies are still buying event tickets. The way most companies buy tickets is decentralized, with no strategy or solution to help them fully understand what events they are investing in and who is buying what. Marketers, executives, managers, and salespeople are all buying tickets for different reasons, but why?

Everyone values their time, or so they say, but I remember one prospect whom I connected with (a sales executive) who told me he spent most of his workday trying to secure a group of NHL playoff tickets in DC. It turns out he spent all day researching tickets, refreshing for deals on multiple websites, and then finally found what he thought was a "deal." Convinced that he could secure the best deal on his own, he wasted many valuable company hours in hopes of saving a few bucks. It later turned out that the sales executive purchased too early and ticket prices dropped by 30%, but we will save that for another post.

So often, we find that the employees who are buying tickets for company use are spending countless hours doing the same thing as this sales executive. Employee time is better spent on revenue-generating activities, and they should not be spending hours buying tickets for client entertainment, especially when they do not understand the complexities of today's dynamic ticket market. I'd estimate that this particular sales executive wasted more company time than the entire value of the tickets he had purchased.

How much do you value your time? Your employee's time? Add it up, and you will find that time is the companies most valuable resource.

At Seat Insiders, we work with companies to streamline their event ticket purchases across departments through our concierge, while helping them think strategically about their overall investment in live events. The sales executive who spent many hours buying a group of NHL tickets would spend only a couple minutes buying tickets had they had access to Seat Insiders Corporate Services.

Joshua Stine